About Us


MicroTek Pattern was founded in Springfield, IL April 1997. By July that year, the company had re-located to Decatur, IL to be closer to its customer base and suppliers.

In 1999, the company moved to its parent location 2035 North Jasper Street. This location was strategic to 3-main customers as well as several vendors and suppliers. This location helped the company establish a competitive edge that it still enjoys today.

Realizing the need to stay on the “cusp” of ever-changing markets and customer needs, MicroTek Pattern endeavors to embrace new technology and methods to best serve them.

MicroTek Pattern though is much more than a company that manufactures pattern and core tooling for the metal casting industry.

We have expanded our customer footprint and now work for the:

* Aircraft industry

* Production machining companies

* Agriculture industry

* Home service industry

MicroTek Pattern has earned a solid reputation through the years as a company that delivers;